Ok it’s been awhile, between the baby and work, everything just got crazy. But I want to start getting stuff back up here, so I’m going to begin with something short and simple. See nutella is yummy, so I bought some at Costco. So now I have a lot of nutella. One good thing about this, I also have a great and easy recipe for crepes! Now if only I could keep bananas in the house with two kids…

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Ginger doughnuts!

I love ginger. Love love love it. I also love doughnuts. Together? One of the greatest thing ever. I’ve made this a bunch and I love them every time. They were also a big hit with my son’s preschool class. Don’t be intimidated by the recipe, it’s easier than it seems!

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do I like fritters?

Yes, I love fritters!

Apple cider caramels of awesomeness!

I’ll admit, I stole this almost wholeheartedly from Smitten kitchen, but it is so tasty and pretty simple that everyone should try it. I made it last weekend and have been restraining myself from devouring all of them every since.

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weekly food (w/c 5 November)

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Eggplant & chickpea stew

(From EatingWell, as was the previous recipeĀ – I tend to go down the rabbit hole with recipe sites; before this one, it was 101 Cookbooks. With that one, I probably made 25-30 different recipes from the site but never posted about them, so I’ll try to do a round-up post w/r/t that sometime in the near future.)

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what we ate tonight (chili-brown sugar squash and pears)

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