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new kitchen driveby

So our new kitchen is (mostly) done (i.e., all done except for the tiling and the painting, of which the tiling is due to happen in the next few weeks [by a tiler] and the painting is going to be done sooner than that, but not immediately, because I am having a case of the don’t wannas) and is lovely and I no longer hate being in it (it was by far the ugliest room in the house before).

So yay.

I will post more about how nice it is to have enough room to store everything (surplus room, even!) when I can get pictures with everything finished, but for now, here are some things that I have made recently that we have liked:

Frugal but delicious burritos (I made mine using the crockpot)
White bean purée with sun-dried tomatoes (I had to used canned beans since the dried ones didn’t arrive in my grocery order, but it does not seem to suffer for that)
Life enchanting lentil soup (the recipe’s name is a bit hyperbolic, but it is a good lentil soup)
Cornbread stuffing (vegetable broth instead of chicken)

Aaaand it’s already almost March. Waugh!



My mom occasionally cuts recipes out of the newspaper, scans them and then e-mails them to me. I’ve got a bunch (where a bunch is probably more than 10) pdfs in my recipes folder, each named by the date she scanned the recipe. Usually, unless I cook one of these soon after she sends it, I tend to forget about them, mostly because they’re not labelled. I should probably fix that.

In any case, she sent me a recipe for lablabi this week, which I’ve made today.  Continue reading

Everything on the weekend

The reason that I do all my cooking on the weekend for the week ahead is a little from simple column a and a little bit from slightly-more complex column b. The main reason is that we get up early to walk the dog before work, so we go to bed early, too. I don’t like spending much (if any) of my evenings after work in the kitchen, since I only have a handful of hours before I have to go to bed, and I’d much rather be reading or knitting or bothering the dog or playing video games (though not usually all four at once).

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