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What? 4 Desserts per meal is wrong?

This weekend was Labor Day and this year, we went to the beach and then had some families over for some grilling and hanging out.  The beach did not go quite as intended (Sand fleas and rain?  Really?  Still fun though.), but the grilling was nice.  However, I did get mocked for having 4 desserts with only 1 main course, but it was 1 dessert per family… That’s sane, right?  We made asian-ish steak tip/kebabs (others provided yummy sausages and zucchini and fruit salad), and then had berry fool, strawberry citrus ginger sorbet, key lime popsicles, and blubbery crumble with vanilla ice cream for dessert.  Recipes below!

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Ok it’s been awhile, between the baby and work, everything just got crazy. But I want to start getting stuff back up here, so I’m going to begin with something short and simple. See nutella is yummy, so I bought some at Costco. So now I have a lot of nutella. One good thing about this, I also have a great and easy recipe for crepes! Now if only I could keep bananas in the house with two kids…

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Strawberry (or any berry you like) Muffins

Cooks Illustrated gives me a lot of my recipes, partially because they are mostly all fantastic, and partially because it comes to my house in a pretty magazine and there are only a few recipes in each so it is less overwhelming than a full cookbook.  This is one of their recipes that has stuck, it makes a great muffin, and while the recipe in the magazine is for blueberry muffins (and it is good with blueberries), I like to use it for strawberry muffins.  It even makes good muffins with less than great strawberries, including frozen ones.  I think it would work well for any berry actually.

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Indian meal for all!

So for my birthday I decided to make my current favorite indian meal: Baingan Bhartha (roasted, mashed eggplant), naan, and strawberry lassi. While this all looks intimidating, it actually was much easier than expected. And AJ said it was some of the best food he’d had, but he might have just been nice because it was my birthday : )

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What to post what to post… Indecisions and pregnancy.

So, most days I say, “I should post to my recipe blog, but what to post?”  And then I get tired or distracted and wander off.  There were several days of, “I keep eating cheese popovers, I should post those… Oh, the recipe is way over there…. Ooo shiny!”  But today, today I crave citrus/strawberry/ginger sorbet, and that recipe is on my computer, so no walking required.  I win!   Continue reading

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but we belong to a fantastic CSA here in Ridgefield called the Garden of Ideas.  It’s a beautiful place to visit, with lovely wandering gardens, wetlands with wooden pathways, and bridged streams to explore.  The boys always love visiting and playing, and the delicious veggies they provide are supplemented with fruit, milk, eggs, juices, honey, and maple syrup from other local farms.  My favorite part is their swap system, which allows you to swap out things in the CSA share that you won’t use (like that 3rd head of lettuce) for things from their farm stand that you will (like a bottle of Cherry Stomp, the most delicious juice ever).

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Birthdays and Strawberry Cake

Today is a certain little boy’s 2nd birthday.  We had great fun going on our normal dog walk, playing with our new rocket sprinkler, buying new books at the book store (Curious George!  Dr. Seuss, Small Saul the pirate, and more!) and then an excellent lunch with daddy at the BBQ place near his work (pulled pork, cornbread and sweet potato fries, yum!).  But because his mommy couldn’t wait anymore with the delicious, delicious smell is in my kitchen, he also got cake for breakfast.

Ecstatic birthday boy with his cake

I made the strawberry summer cake from Smitten Kitchen (one of my new favorite cooking blogs), recipe below, with some whipped cream topping.  Mommy even let the birthday boy lick the beaters.

Mmmm, whipped cream

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