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Recipe request

Hi all,

I have a request for you all.  I’ve started a teaching gig that keeps me late 2x a week and AJ works late 2x a week (opposite days from me), so we find ourselves needing more make ahead/quick food than we are used to needing, as we will both be single parenting dinner time for a total of 4x a week, and Xander rarely understands go hang out by yourself as we make dinner, nor does the dog understand his walks being cut short or dropped so that we can make dinner.  So hit me with your best make ahead meals or quick fix meals.  Xander doesn’t believe salad is food  (“Not food, Mommy!”), and AJ doesn’t like raw tomatoes (or apparently grilled ones, the blasphemer), and I don’t like artichokes.  We are pickier than that, but those are probably the major ones we can’t work around.  Help us out please!