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last week/this week

I did not post about last week’s food for any particular (or interesting reason); I just got caught up doing normal life stuff and then, when I was dealing with this week’s shopping list, I decided that I was going to rehash some of the things we had anyway, so I might as well wait. (Also, one of the things I made was a complete failure, so it wouldn’t have been worth writing about anyway.)

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It’s my night out, so why am I cooking again? Or, quick and healthy.

Last night I had a date.  We’re still somewhat new to our area, and making friends can be a slow process in a rural-ish area, especially when most people have long commutes and small children, leaving little time to socialize.  So, despite the fact that things are completely crazy at work, my lovely husband went out of his way to set me up.  I’d met Josh(uaine) at a few work-related get-togethers and we’d been Facebook friends for a while, but we hadn’t gotten much chance to talk.  She seemed smart and snarky, and the media had already informed me it was my duty as a woman to see Bridesmaids (plus I’d heard it was hilarious (and it was!  See it!)), so it seemed like a great time to get together.

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swingsets and mac and cheese

This was an exciting weekend. After a week of looking online and trying to be the first to reply to a craigslist post, we finally found a wooden swingset that wasn’t an hour away, currently infested with termites, or looked so decrepit that I was sure it would collapse any minute. And as a bonus we get it at $100 off asking price because while the seller had lots of interest from others that wanted to buy it, he had no interest in selling it (he was selling it for someone else), and so he gave us a discount so that he could stop dealing with it. So Sunday the big plan was to go pick it up.

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