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Strawberry (or any berry you like) Muffins

Cooks Illustrated gives me a lot of my recipes, partially because they are mostly all fantastic, and partially because it comes to my house in a pretty magazine and there are only a few recipes in each so it is less overwhelming than a full cookbook.  This is one of their recipes that has stuck, it makes a great muffin, and while the recipe in the magazine is for blueberry muffins (and it is good with blueberries), I like to use it for strawberry muffins.  It even makes good muffins with less than great strawberries, including frozen ones.  I think it would work well for any berry actually.

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Pumpkin Muffins and Ginger Frosting

So it’s fall, and Halloween-y, which means time for pumpkin muffins. These things are very tasty and allow me to frost things in a ginger frosting, which makes me happy. Plus they are relatively straight forward. Plus, they allow Xander to help “clean” the beaters afterwards, and that makes him very happy as well.

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