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Butternut Squash Risotto with Goat Cheese and Pecans

I love Epicurious.  I have shelves full of cookbooks that I never even look at anymore because Epicurious fulfills my every cooking need.  So here’s the thought process that let Epicurious help me create my new favorite risotto:

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Accidental Food

So I was all set to post about my Thai food explorations, and give you all great Thai food dishes, one of which I’m pretty sure could be easily done with some sort of veggie crumble or something (though I’ll leave those explorations for those of you with more knowledge of such things), but last night’s dinner adventure has required me to rethink those plans.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but we belong to a fantastic CSA here in Ridgefield called the Garden of Ideas.  It’s a beautiful place to visit, with lovely wandering gardens, wetlands with wooden pathways, and bridged streams to explore.  The boys always love visiting and playing, and the delicious veggies they provide are supplemented with fruit, milk, eggs, juices, honey, and maple syrup from other local farms.  My favorite part is their swap system, which allows you to swap out things in the CSA share that you won’t use (like that 3rd head of lettuce) for things from their farm stand that you will (like a bottle of Cherry Stomp, the most delicious juice ever).

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Baked French Toast

I tried to add this around Father’s Day, but Liam decided to crash my computer right before I pressed “post.”  Twice.  So I gave up that day, and then things got busy, and here we are.

For Father’s Day this year, Josh requested an egg-tastic menu of poached eggs over herbed toasts with grilled asparagus and hollandaise, baked french toast, and fruit salad.  In order to make sure we’d have a ride to the hospital should our arteries immediately clog, we invited our friends Dan and Susan and their 3 girls to celebrate with us, so I also made blueberry pancakes for the kiddos.  As you can imagine, I was very busy that morning.

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It’s my night out, so why am I cooking again? Or, quick and healthy.

Last night I had a date.  We’re still somewhat new to our area, and making friends can be a slow process in a rural-ish area, especially when most people have long commutes and small children, leaving little time to socialize.  So, despite the fact that things are completely crazy at work, my lovely husband went out of his way to set me up.  I’d met Josh(uaine) at a few work-related get-togethers and we’d been Facebook friends for a while, but we hadn’t gotten much chance to talk.  She seemed smart and snarky, and the media had already informed me it was my duty as a woman to see Bridesmaids (plus I’d heard it was hilarious (and it was!  See it!)), so it seemed like a great time to get together.

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swingsets and mac and cheese

This was an exciting weekend. After a week of looking online and trying to be the first to reply to a craigslist post, we finally found a wooden swingset that wasn’t an hour away, currently infested with termites, or looked so decrepit that I was sure it would collapse any minute. And as a bonus we get it at $100 off asking price because while the seller had lots of interest from others that wanted to buy it, he had no interest in selling it (he was selling it for someone else), and so he gave us a discount so that he could stop dealing with it. So Sunday the big plan was to go pick it up.

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