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Thanksgiving: too much food style

So Thanksgiving was just a small family thing, so over course I cooked for like 20. Here’s a list of what I made, with just links to food I made without changing the recipe. Continue reading


Butternut Squash Risotto with Goat Cheese and Pecans

I love Epicurious.  I have shelves full of cookbooks that I never even look at anymore because Epicurious fulfills my every cooking need.  So here’s the thought process that let Epicurious help me create my new favorite risotto:

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My mom occasionally cuts recipes out of the newspaper, scans them and then e-mails them to me. I’ve got a bunch (where a bunch is probably more than 10) pdfs in my recipes folder, each named by the date she scanned the recipe. Usually, unless I cook one of these soon after she sends it, I tend to forget about them, mostly because they’re not labelled. I should probably fix that.

In any case, she sent me a recipe for lablabi this week, which I’ve made today.  Continue reading


I miss many things about Boston. I miss friends, family, walking. One of the big ones, though, is the food. The town I live in is lovely, but the food options are fairly limited. There’s Italian, Mediterranean, pizza…are you sensing a theme?

So, when I accidentally ran across this kaddo recipe from my favorite Afghani restaurant (The Helmand), I knew I had to make it, right away. If you haven’t had it, kaddo is baked sugar pumpkin covered in garlic-mint yogurt and a warm meat sauce. When we’ve eaten it at Helmand, we always get it without the meat sauce, but it was nice to get to make it for myself with veggie meat substitute.

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Trying to drag myself out of pregnancy induced nausea and lack of motivation hell… with soup!

So yeah, I disappeared, hopefully not taking this place down with me.  Minsies tried valiantly to carry on without me, and I salute her for her efforts!  I’ve not been thinking of food, or much of anything besides how soon can I craw into bed and die for a couple months now, because of the new addition to my body.  It’s been unpleasant.  However, we seem to be turning a bend, and with the help of apples (Baby loves some apples.  Feeling sick?  Give the baby an apple and much is better!  It’s obviously a weirdo, but the farmer’s market loves my new apple habit) I can think of food now.  However, I will not be posting apple recipes, baby insists I eat them as fast as they can go into my body, so no cooking there.

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Long time, no food.

So the world has impeded my ability to update this blog, and it looks like it’s a sickness that has hit all our writers together.  But I have finally finished teaching, and am back to my 1 job (plus being a mom) and have decided to should post two of my favorite Thai dishes to try to spur others into posting as well!  Both of these involve chicken, though I bet you could substitute some sort of veggie crumble or tofu in the first one.  Second one you are on your own.  I have also made the 2nd without cilantro for one person in particular (who is genetically predisposed to tasting cilantro as soap), and they seemed to think it was good.   I hope some people try these, they seem more complicated than they actually are, and the first comes together really quickly because it involves very little chopping.

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Recipe request

Hi all,

I have a request for you all.  I’ve started a teaching gig that keeps me late 2x a week and AJ works late 2x a week (opposite days from me), so we find ourselves needing more make ahead/quick food than we are used to needing, as we will both be single parenting dinner time for a total of 4x a week, and Xander rarely understands go hang out by yourself as we make dinner, nor does the dog understand his walks being cut short or dropped so that we can make dinner.  So hit me with your best make ahead meals or quick fix meals.  Xander doesn’t believe salad is food  (“Not food, Mommy!”), and AJ doesn’t like raw tomatoes (or apparently grilled ones, the blasphemer), and I don’t like artichokes.  We are pickier than that, but those are probably the major ones we can’t work around.  Help us out please!