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this is the best cake

The best cake

The best cake ever

Cake cake cake

Chocolate stout cake

(I used Brains Original Stout because it makes me feel like I am a zombie)


Birthdays and Strawberry Cake

Today is a certain little boy’s 2nd birthday.  We had great fun going on our normal dog walk, playing with our new rocket sprinkler, buying new books at the book store (Curious George!  Dr. Seuss, Small Saul the pirate, and more!) and then an excellent lunch with daddy at the BBQ place near his work (pulled pork, cornbread and sweet potato fries, yum!).  But because his mommy couldn’t wait anymore with the delicious, delicious smell is in my kitchen, he also got cake for breakfast.

Ecstatic birthday boy with his cake

I made the strawberry summer cake from Smitten Kitchen (one of my new favorite cooking blogs), recipe below, with some whipped cream topping.  Mommy even let the birthday boy lick the beaters.

Mmmm, whipped cream

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