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Thanksgiving: too much food style

So Thanksgiving was just a small family thing, so over course I cooked for like 20. Here’s a list of what I made, with just links to food I made without changing the recipe. Continue reading


Indian meal for all!

So for my birthday I decided to make my current favorite indian meal: Baingan Bhartha (roasted, mashed eggplant), naan, and strawberry lassi. While this all looks intimidating, it actually was much easier than expected. And AJ said it was some of the best food he’d had, but he might have just been nice because it was my birthday : )

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two loaves

Last Friday (not the Friday just passed, but the one before that), I took a day off from work because we were watching Bumble (a Jack Russell-sized Staffordshire Bull Terrier) over Friday and the weekend, and Dave was in London (Microsoft does not seem to send invites for dogs to attend their conferences).

Among other things that day, I made two loaves of bread.  Continue reading