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Homemade honeycomb candy

So England is not often known as the land of yummy food, but they do have some tasty tasty candy.  One of the things I found there are these delicious things:


And, as of yet, I have not been able to convince any UK friends to send me large quantities of them.  However, I have finally found a work around to that: Homemade honeycomb candy.  Oddly, this candy doesn’t involve any honey, but it is still quite tasty.

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two cakes, one (macaroni) salad

I never made my post about the English kitchen, and now we’ve moved, which solved the thing that was the most vexing about my previous kitchen, which is that the washing machine was in the kitchen. (These are the laundry arrangements for most houses here; dryers are not really a big thing unless you have kids.) Anyway, now we have a utility room (a small room off the kitchen which usually houses an extra sink and a washing machine and has extra storage) and no more washing in my kitchen.

So yay.

Anyway, it was recently my husband’s birthday so I made him some cake.  Continue reading