why I like vegetable oil

It is an excellent solvent for removing floor tape (which was holding vinyl flooring to the laminate flooring underneath – yes, the previous owners of our house were the special kind of idiots).

Why was I removing floor tape? Well! 

The vinyl floor has been growing ever more hilly since we moved in, so it needed to go, because it was practically impossible to sweep or mop the floor to any decent effect (and I knew the laminate was lurking under it). But also! We are getting a new kitchen! And I am maybe starting to get excited about it a bit, though I think I will actually start to feel a lot more excited when we actually have an installation date.

It will be nothing particularly fancy – just from Ikea – but right now our cutlery drawer doesn’t pull out all the way and one of the other drawers doesn’t have any drawer slides on it (who does this?) and none of the doors close properly and &c., &c. In any case, I am looking forward to it.

But between then and the installation, we have to rip everything out of the current kitchen, so I figured the horrible vinyl would be the first thing to go. So it was! Mostly. There are bits hanging around the edges of the cabinets, but I figure I can live with that for 5 to 6 weeks, since I already lived with the topography of the vinyl for 2+, um, years.

I do not know what I am going to do for a week without a kitchen, but I am sure I will survive, somehow. Peanut butter and honey, maybe.

Otherwise, I made the leek soup with peas and sauerkraut and it is delicious, even if  sauerkraut isn’t your thing (I can’t taste any sauerkraut-particular flavour). This will probably feature heavily in our meals for the near future, as we are currently on a savings binge and vegetable water is pretty cheap, all things considered.


2 responses to “why I like vegetable oil

  1. Our kitchen came from Ikea as well (except the countertops which we found a company that was willing to take it off and put it back on as long as we signed a very explicit form saying that if got broken in the process they weren’t liable, which given that the countertop was the only nice thing about our kitchen (it was granite!) we were willing to risk it), and the best part of that was doing the demo. Smashing! Crashing! Crowbars and sledgehammers! So wonderful. And ripping up ugly floors is a good way to start (I remember my joy at ripping up the fake grass in our sun room, pure glee!)

    As far as surviving without a kitchen, you’d be surprised what you can make in a microwave, pasta is a nice easy one! I’m excited for your new kitchen, new things are so nice!

  2. Wow, congrats on e new kitchen? That sounds so refreshing, just to be able to rip out a whole room and start over!

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