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Pumpkin Muffins and Ginger Frosting

So it’s fall, and Halloween-y, which means time for pumpkin muffins. These things are very tasty and allow me to frost things in a ginger frosting, which makes me happy. Plus they are relatively straight forward. Plus, they allow Xander to help “clean” the beaters afterwards, and that makes him very happy as well.

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My mom occasionally cuts recipes out of the newspaper, scans them and then e-mails them to me. I’ve got a bunch (where a bunch is probably more than 10) pdfs in my recipes folder, each named by the date she scanned the recipe. Usually, unless I cook one of these soon after she sends it, I tend to forget about them, mostly because they’re not labelled. I should probably fix that.

In any case, she sent me a recipe for lablabi this week, which I’ve made today.¬† Continue reading


I miss many things about Boston. I miss friends, family, walking. One of the big ones, though, is the food. The town I live in is lovely, but the food options are fairly limited. There’s Italian, Mediterranean, pizza…are you sensing a theme?

So, when I accidentally ran across this kaddo recipe from my favorite Afghani restaurant (The Helmand), I knew I had to make it, right away. If you haven’t had it, kaddo is baked sugar pumpkin covered in garlic-mint yogurt and a warm meat sauce. When we’ve eaten it at Helmand, we always get it without the meat sauce, but it was nice to get to make it for myself with veggie meat substitute.

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bringin’ soupy back (again)

Thing the first: my favourite thing about Italy was not the gelato (although it was delicious). It was also not the pasta (and I think I ate more fish than pasta anyway). It was not the pizza. It was the mozzarella di Bufala Campana, which has ruined most other cheese (and definitely any other mozzarella; you may as well be eating snot if you’re going to bother with something that substandard) for me.

Thankfully, we can acquire actual mozzarella here, so I am not feeling too terribly bereft.

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