Trying to drag myself out of pregnancy induced nausea and lack of motivation hell… with soup!

So yeah, I disappeared, hopefully not taking this place down with me.  Minsies tried valiantly to carry on without me, and I salute her for her efforts!  I’ve not been thinking of food, or much of anything besides how soon can I craw into bed and die for a couple months now, because of the new addition to my body.  It’s been unpleasant.  However, we seem to be turning a bend, and with the help of apples (Baby loves some apples.  Feeling sick?  Give the baby an apple and much is better!  It’s obviously a weirdo, but the farmer’s market loves my new apple habit) I can think of food now.  However, I will not be posting apple recipes, baby insists I eat them as fast as they can go into my body, so no cooking there.

Instead, I give you soup! It’s fall, it’s chilly, and soup has been calling my name. This soup is my own creation inspired by an evening with a Chinese friend and her making of soup.  It’s tasty, simply, and can be easily made vegetarian if you wanted.  It’s very basic, I’m sure you can add other things to make it tasty, but I like it this way and still am proud enough to have made something tasty to not want to wreck it by getting inventive.  So without further adieu, I give you…

Spicy Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

makes enough for 4 possibly with leftovers, but I’ve only made it for 2 (plus a Xander), so I can’t guarantee anything.

  • Udon noodles (or as my grocery store sells them “Japanese style noodles”, I get the “fresh” ones, not dried, feel free to try other noodle types)
  • 1.5 boxes (48oz?) of chicken stock (or veggie stock, or homemade, whatever you want)
  • About 2 inches of ginger, cut into small matchsticks/pieces
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • Mushrooms: I usually use baby bellas because they are easy to find and cheap and use about 3/4’s of a small package (8 oz? 10oz?) because we aren’t huge mushroom lovers, but whatever mushrooms strike your fancy would probably great.
  • 1 chicken breast, sliced into thin, bite-sized strips
  • Cayenne pepper, to your spice level
  • Thai chili paste
  • Salt, to taste
  • Pepper, to taste
  • Ginger powder, to taste
  • Vegetable oil

I make this in a wok, but any large pan that will fit everything will work.  After cutting up the chicken, I sprinkle salt, pepper, ginger powder, and cayenne pepper on the chicken.  Then I pour a bit of oil in the hot (about medium high?) wok, then throw in the garlic and ginger for a few seconds, after which I add the chicken.  Once the chicken is half cooked (when I flip it over), I add the mushrooms, and cook until the mushrooms stop looking so raw (a couple minutes).  Then I pour in 1 box of chicken stock and add the noodles.  If necessary (and I’ve always found it necessary) I add more stock (from the 2nd box, which afterwards usually sits half used in my fridge until it gets really old and I get scared of it and throw it away) until noodles are sufficiently covered and I think it’s enough soupiness.  (This is a very specific recipe isn’t it?)  Then turn down the heat to medium/medium low (depending on how long till dinner is) I cook until noodles are done (or when the rest of the family gets back from walking the dog), then add salt, pepper, ginger powder, and cayenne pepper to taste.  However, go easy on the cayenne because after you serve it, you will add the Thai chili paste, which packs a lot of heat (and great flavor, so don’t feel unhappy at how the soup tastes without this).

Serve in bowls, with utensils for eating the noodles and the soup, we use both chopsticks and big soup spoons, whatever works for you.  Scoop some of the chili paste into your bowl (I use about 1 tsp ish to start, hubby goes for at least 1/2 tbsp), stir to combine, then enjoy!


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