go tofu go go

I wish I could say I have been making awesome food. I haven’t, really, but for one exception: baked tofu, which is delicious and awesome and probably my new favourite thing.

So there’s that. I’ve been breading mine in breadcrumbs and sesame seeds and even when I burned the last batch (when it says to turn them over while they’re baking, you probably should), still delicious. Otherwise, I guess summer makes me lazy, regardless of whether or not it’s hot (here: largely not) and the end.

2 responses to “go tofu go go

  1. What do you do with said baked tofu? Do you put it in things? Or just serve it with some side? Inquiring minds want to know. Also, we haven’t been making exciting food either, must be a summer thing.

  2. We’ve eaten it by itself (we took it as part of our lunches for a week) and with other things (most recently, with a noodle salad thing with lots of vegetables and hoisin sauce.

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