Monthly Archives: August 2011

go tofu go go

I wish I could say I have been making awesome food. I haven’t, really, but for one exception: baked tofu, which is delicious and awesome and probably my new favourite thing.

So there’s that. I’ve been breading mine in breadcrumbs and sesame seeds and even when I burned the last batch (when it says to turn them over while they’re baking, you probably should), still delicious. Otherwise, I guess summer makes me lazy, regardless of whether or not it’s hot (here: largely not) and the end.


Long time, no food.

So the world has impeded my ability to update this blog, and it looks like it’s a sickness that has hit all our writers together.  But I have finally finished teaching, and am back to my 1 job (plus being a mom) and have decided to should post two of my favorite Thai dishes to try to spur others into posting as well!  Both of these involve chicken, though I bet you could substitute some sort of veggie crumble or tofu in the first one.  Second one you are on your own.  I have also made the 2nd without cilantro for one person in particular (who is genetically predisposed to tasting cilantro as soap), and they seemed to think it was good.   I hope some people try these, they seem more complicated than they actually are, and the first comes together really quickly because it involves very little chopping.

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