Kitchens unite!

So a neuroscientist, a writer, and a music teacher walk into a kitchen….

It’s not a joke, it’s just an idea for lovely group blog.  I love my friends and think many are fantastic cooks.  I also love learning about new recipes and trying foods I may not have thought of myself.  However, I quickly grow tired of searching through websites online and trying to determine whether I think the recipes I am finding will be good or actually feasible to accomplish.  So instead, I thought, why not turn to my friends.  They all eat, and they all have cookbooks and have done recipe searches that I haven’t, so why not just have them give me new recipes to try.  For example, banana curry.  I would never have tried banana curry, I mean, it’s just so out there!  Banana and Curry!  But I was told it was good by a friend, and so I tried it.  New adventures were had by all, including my young son who thinks bananas are the bees knees (to put it in language that he, and possible everyone else under the age of 90 won’t understand at all).

But somehow this experience was lacking.  I had the recipes, but not the friendship and camaraderie from sharing a meal.  Plus no one else could comment on my zany banana curry adventures, not to mention my adventures in overly spicy Thai and mexican food, my repeat half successes at grilled BBQ chicken pizza, or my great finding that the holy grail of mac and cheese seems to be cheddar, manchego, and velveeta cheese.

Thus, the idea for this blog was born.  Hopefully it will become a site where those I love can gather and share recipes and stories.  I’ve already convince a few others to join me in this endeavor, more are always welcome.  Come, join the conversation, or be brave and put your toe in the water as one of the blog’s writers and recipe givers.  It’ll be fun, I promise.  And if not, at least there will be good food.

Besides, who doesn’t love monkeys?


4 responses to “Kitchens unite!

  1. Besides, with toddlers in tow, we might literately end up with little monkeys * in* our soup (hopefully it would be a cold soup like the delicious melon soup we had at my sister-in-law’s wedding!)

  2. I can’t wait!

  3. I haven’t made that banana curry in a while. I think the last time I made it, it was mango curry. Also: delicious.

  4. Our version of banana curry did not turn out so well, but I can’t remember what went wrong with it. It was on the border of being awesome, it just didn’t make it there for some reason… Mango curry sounds awesome too!

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