3-2-1 go monkeys go

It might be prudent to do a whole introductory thing, but I’ll hit the salient points here and maybe expand on them later. In any case, I just put some things in my slow cooker for dinner tonight, and decided that since this was up and running now, I might as well post the recipe here.

Lately, most of the slow cooker recipes I’ve been making have been from A Year of Slow Cooking (except that it’s gone on for more than a year). That link’s to the vegetarian labels, because I am functionally vegetarian when at home, and so is (almost everything) that I cook. (There are sometimes exceptions for fish, but those are very few and far between.) That site’s been pretty invaluable for me when I’ve ventured into crockpot land, especially since most of my crockpot-based meals when I was growing up contained beef.

So anyway, I just put the portobello mushroom sandwich ingredients (all three of them) into the slow cooker. What I’m not sure about is recipe etiquette here – should we reproduce the recipes we’re using if they’re already available on the web? I’m not much of an adapter of recipes, really; I pretty much do whatever the recipe says, unless it turns out badly or looks like it’s just not quite going to work. I figure if we give credit for the source then we’re fine, but I’m not everyone. What do you think? (The query applies to recipes from books, too, but since those largely won’t be available somewhere on the intarwebs, that’s a more clear-cut area.)

3 responses to “3-2-1 go monkeys go

  1. Wow. I ended up going way down the rabbit hole when I googled for recipe etiquette, and the responses seem to be all over the board (from it’s wrong to post any recipe unless it is 100% your recipe [nevermind how your prove that you were not influenced by some previous recipe &c., &c.] to as long as you attribute your source, it’s fair game). Also, recipe copyrighting is a whole weird thing unto itself.

    Anyway, I’m pretty much on the side of attribute the source and post it (but I figure if it’s already on the web somewhere, a link suffices; why copy and paste when you don’t have to do so?).

    Unecessary clarification? Perhaps! You decide! ( ;

  2. I figured that as long as we give credit where it’s due, then we are all set : ) honestly, I don’t expect this to become a thing where anyone is going to care that we reposted their recipes : )

  3. Also, I’m intrigued to hear your thoughts/favorites from that site, because something about that site makes me angry and undesiring to read it, but I wish to use my crock pot more as well as eat more vegetarian. Also, why I’m enthused to have Courtney on here, as she is fully a vegetarian and thus, cooks very different food from me.

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